Fantastic work!!! I have a whole new horse, I’ve never seen her move so well! Brian explained everything that he was doing, and how it was affecting her, he told me what I had problems with under saddle with out me mentioning it! He knows what he’s doing, highly recommend him!!!

Brianna Rakowki

Brian and his work on horses is awesome! Can’t thank him enough for making my horses feel and run better!

Kimberly Meador

The only chiropractor that I know of that will meet you in his office at 5:30 a.m. to adjust you before he leaves for a road trip out of town. I was miserable and in a tremendous amount of pain from a rib being out of place. He adjusted me and made another appt for tomorrow (also another day out of the office, because it’s “animal” day). I am so grateful for him and his care! Great guy! Great Doctor!

Jackie Niedermeier